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Voltix - Revamp by Mate397 Voltix - Revamp by Mate397
*During the attack of the brain parasites a few of the villains managed to escape, among them was Voltix who soon received a call from an unknown location saying where to go if he wants payback on the Hero Factory. Since he had no better plan, he hijacked a shuttle and flew off to the coordinates. At first it only seemed he was just orbiting the planet aimlessly when suddenly everything went dark and the next moment he was in a test tube, hooked up to some odd machines. In the other end of the room a dark figure was standing in the shadows, looking outside the window, down at the planet under them. "I'm so glad you could come and join us." the figure said as his cold red eyes looked at him for a second then kept looking at the scenery. "Release me at once!" Voltix banged on the tube's inner wall "What's this all about?" he asked, still banging against the glass. "Evolution...let that be enough for now." the dark figure replied and turned facing Voltix then pressed a button on his holo-keyboard. "You're two brothers will soon receive the same treatment" the mysterious person laughed as the machine started up and mechanical arms appeared starting to rip off his current armor then rebuild him while an odd glowing green liquid was pumped into his system. Voltix was screaming in pain, as his body was changing more and more. After an eternity the agony stopped, the tube was lifted and he collapsed on the ground, trying to gasp for air. It took him a few seconds to realize that "What have you done to me?!" he shouted at the shadows.*

This guy was a pain in the neck for me for a year or so x.x I couldn't figure out a good design for him until at one point the eureka moment happened, though then it was just half done, since I still had to get the limbs done. Which I could once I got my package from BrickLink. But I still need more to make him a better looking leg/feet, the current ones still works for now, but it's a little thin to the over all look. So his weapons are a back mounted mortar, a riot shield and well armored arm to support it and his whip modified now having the HF cuff on the end so he can grab his victim and pull him in, and probably smashing it's face with the shield. 
I also planned some neat things for Speeda Demon and Black Phantom, I know those three aren't related really, but fanfic is there for a reason ;)

also here are the other views for this fella:
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JeremyX2000 Featured By Owner Dec 8, 2013  Student Writer
This is awesome!
Mate397 Featured By Owner Dec 8, 2013
glad you like it 
Thatdudemaan Featured By Owner Dec 8, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Not bad. And suddenly i like him.
Mate397 Featured By Owner Dec 8, 2013
He mainly caught my attention because he was purple and had the element of electricity on his side, that reminded me the Slizer/Throwbot set with the same qualities, not to mention I always preferred the bad guys in the HF universe :P
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